Minitor Market


Mel and David Minitor took over a failing market that was in danger of closing and have turned it around, much to the relief of a grateful Warrenville community. Had the market closed, there would have been no alternative for the good people in the town.

However, the Minitor brothers didn't simply keep a struggling grocery store open; they went to work cleaning and improving both the store and it's products.

They reached out to local farmers to get the highest quality meat and produce in the area, and managed to develop such a great reputation that people from well outside the Warrenville area will travel to Minitor Market.

Check out some of the produce you'll find here. And be sure and stop by to see for yourself the top quality and LOW prices for our locally sourced meat products.

Of course: don't forget to stock up on some of our award-winning bbq seasonings and sauces! You'll be back time and again.


Good Old Fashioned Market

Coming Soon...

We're thinking of setting up coupons that you can download right from our website. Let us know if you think that would be something you would use.